People who enjoy and understand gardening, at least those who are our clients, seem to love what we do. We believe this is because they understand and appreciate the knowledge, the care, the love that we put into our work in their gardens.

We give that same love to all gardens, whether in the commercial, public or domestic sector. We are landscape gardeners doing all types of gardening and hard landscaping work.

The Header Image

… is a picture of a garden in Churwell, a district of Morley, Leeds, work completed in June 2017. From left to right, it shows:
A sleeper-built retaining wall for a bed containing the roots of a Silver Birch (Betula pendula) and which could double as a seating area;
Gabion baskets in the dual role of holding back the garden to the rear of our client’s garden which is higher than theirs, in turn supporting a special feature which is :-
Designed and built by us but inspired by a visit of the client to South Africa and seeing in the desert a structure built from local natural materials which, we think, may have been constructed to prevent lions from entering the camp – our structure is of European oak and local sandstone;
A trellis fence and archway designed to hide a metal shed which the client feels should be hidden – note, no value judgement from this contractor (sic);
One end of the close-board fence which runs for the length of the garden from the other features to the house;
In front of all this, a newly laid lawn.

The fence to the left of the photograph, showing concrete posts and gravel boards, and the concrete raft were in place prior to any involvement by Freshscaped Ltd. The items on the concrete raft were put there by the client and their children.